Terestris Survey

102_2725Terrestrial measurement systems (with a total station or GPS), generally aim to obtain large-scale topographic maps (eg scale 1:1000).
The measurement system, generally work in an integrated, ranging from field measurement data recording, either polygon data and the data situation, matter of flattening or coordinate adjustment, count reduction coordinates to the projection system used, through the process of figuring out the map. Its very broad segment, among others BPN for order-4 control points and cadastral measurements, mining companies for exploration purposes and periodic measurement of progress or the progress of the removal of soil or coal volume accurately and timely. In addition, construction work such as monitors and stake-out, will rely heavily on this terrestrial measurement systems.
PT ARPINDO SEJAHTERA, as a company that one of its divisions stir in the field, supported by terrestrial survey equipment and personnel (human resources) Professional and experienced, able to provide surveying services to clients requirement terrestrial inisesuai.

Survei GPS
On the basis of his, functionality and usability of the survey positioning (GPS) is for the construction of a new network point, as a network of control points, both for purposes of topographic mapping, cadastral mapping, engineering jobs, and photogrammetric mapping. GPS surveys can also be used as a tool for monitoring (dam, volcano, etc.) and for geodynamic studies.
Currently, has grown rapidly usage of GPS / GNSS CORS (Continuously Operating Reference Station). PT ARPINDO PROSPER has participated also instrumental in setting up the Technical Instructions BPN-RI, known as REFERENCE NETWORK SATELLITE LAND (JRSP).

Survei topography day Kadastral
Topographic survey aims to obtain an overview of the design and the high and low relief terrain, including situations in which the data of all elements in it, like groove, river, moor, field, village, grave, building public infrastructure, and other.
Topographic survey on a relatively small area, such as the location of the project or the mapping field situation, can be done by tachimetri. Pada sistem tachimetri, retrieval of data from each of the selected objects will be data in polar coordinates position (angle and distance). Then for the shooting needs of Topographic Maps, data in the system is converted to a polar position data in Cartesian coordinates (X, And, The).
Topographic maps are an end result of Topographic Survey, will be used as a baseline / starting point for planning work.

Survey of Construction
Construction Survey is an activity that the end result of building / construction, combined with the area in which the position, either used as a residence or other purposes. The result of activities such as : building, road, bridge, rail and railway bridge, tunnel, waterworks and drainage, building sanitary, runways, dock, building power plants, transmission, distribution and communication network construction. Construction activities include planning, preparation, manufacture, demolition and building improvements.