Hydrography Survey

Alat Ukur CTD

Alat Ukur CTD

Bathymetry Mapping, is one part of the Hydrographic Survey. The usefulness of this very diverse bathymetric map, ranging from military purposes, construction or civil, transport, to scientific interest.
In the work of bathymetry survey, included observations of tides, measurement of shoreline, pemeruman or echo sounding, measurement of physical properties of sea water, measurement of the chemical properties of seawater (salinity), soil sampling seafloor; up to the stage of the job analysis, processing, and presentation in the form of digital maps and prints, in various scale according to the level of detail of information.
PT ARPINDO SEJAHTERA have the technology and experience in manufacturing bathymetric map, with the support of human resources professionals, PT ARPINDO SEJAHTERA able to provide the service of making these maps tailored to the needs desired by its stakeholders.

Tidal Observations
Tide observations are very important to know the characteristics of the tidal waters of the area review that can be used for various purposes such as for navigation, fishery, coastal engineering, defense, mapping, and so forth.
While the accuracy of the results of the analysis of tidal, tailored to their needs as long as tidal data taken (3 day, 2 week, 1 months or as old sounding surveys conducted), and methods (otomatis/manual) systems and equipment used (digital / Tell Me).
Observation is very important in order tidal corrections depth data analysis results to the results of the count Pemeruman center seat / face surutan. Due to her for future PT. Arpindo Sejahtera, will provide additional services to the users of the various interests, regarding training and analysis of tidal data.

Survey Hidrografi

Hydrographic Survey

Determination Shorelines
In mapping the sea, coastline is the boundary between land and water at high tide. Determination of the shoreline was conducted to determine the water and land on the sea map made.

Pemeruman conducted to obtain data on bathymetry survey area. The main work is done, including planning major lanes and cross lanes, the selection of the type of survey vessels, equipment installation pemeruman, Positioning Public Corporation, sounding (sounding), and data processing.

Measurement of Physical Properties of Sea Water
The purpose of measurement is to determine the physical properties of sea water in the survey area, to ensure the presence or absence of changes in the physical properties of the medium in which sound waves are transmitted to the possibility of a change in the velocity of sound waves in the air at the time of sounding or as sound velocity corrections.

Seabed Soil Sampling
The purpose of seabed soil sampling is to describe the conditions and the composition or type of material on the sea floor survey area.

Data Processing and Mapping Bathymetry
Results from hydrographic surveys conducted earlier, then processed and presented in map form. The maps are presented, such Distribution Map of Seabed (Sediment Map); Salinity Distribution Map, Temperature and pH; Carefully draw sheets; and Hydrographic Map (Sea Bathymetry Map or Map).