Geographic Information Systems

Kegiatan Digitasi 3D

3D Digitizing activities

GIS or GIS an important system, especially for companies or agencies that utilize geospatial information, such company or agency engaged in plantation, agriculture, transport, expedition or transport of goods, mining, oil, energy, sales or marketing, medical, social, culture, information, environment, tourism, disaster mitigation, Search And Rescue, and so on. With this technology, all geospatial information uptodate, required by management or even by public, will be able to quickly tersajikan.
Use of software GIS or GIS built by ESRI (Environmental Systems Research Institute), namely software ArcGIS; penggunaan software AutoCAD; and other GIS software such as MapInfo, that are integrated with software Database Management System (DBMS), such as MySQL, Oracle, Microsoft Access, and so on; by PT ARPINDO SEJAHTERA, and supported by human resources professionals and experienced, makes us confident of being able to build a GIS or GIS in accordance with what is desired by stakeholders.

PT. ARPINDO SEJAHTERA has handled several projects relating to the development of Geographic Information Systems. Among them is the manufacture of Geographic Information System in one of the Oil Company & Gas up development, along with the growing need for the SIG, as well as the increasing number of geodatabase are presented.
Activity data query and analysis can also be done is by PT ARPINDO SEJAHTERA. Among these are the manufacture of 3D surface & 3D shape for the sake of presentation and analysis and other applications using the 3D Analyst extension; analytical determination of the closest location and other applications using the Network Analyst extension; and analysis of groundwater and watershed management and other applications Spatial Analyst. Other applications can be developed with VBA facilities (Visual Basic for Application).