Satellite Imagery and Mapping with Aerial Photo

Diagram Lokasi SRTM

Location diagram SRTM

Media through satellite mapping and aircraft, allows mapping to be done quickly, effective, cheap and right on target. The diversity and scale detailed information can be obtained, adjusted upon requirement.
Powered by applying the method of data acquisition and processing of high-tech digital and human resources professional support, qualified and experienced, detail oriented, accuracy, quality, and timely, media jobs through satellite mapping and aircraft can be maintained by PT ARPINDO SEJAHTERA.
With this mapping method, monitoring the development of an area, making maps with special themes, and the creation of digital elevation models on a large scale can be done. The maps are made is, can be used to aid specific tasks in mining, construction or civil, plantation, agriculture, land, management, plan, and so on.

Satellite Image Processing
Analysis and interpretation of the results manually or digitally recording satellite remote sensing sensors, using digital image processing software, to detect and identify the important phenomena contained in the image scene.

Thematic Mapping
Making maps with special theme using primary and secondary data sources are integrated with spatial information in the form of line elements, area (traverse), and point; example: town planning map, peta cuaca, peta geological, population map, map language, and so on.

Geospatial data collection using aircraft technology and aerial photography, wiretapping, interpretation and processing of spatial information using digital or analog methods stereoplotting, to import into the information system, and perform field tests.

Foto Udara

Photo Udara

Data processing IFSAR
3D mapping with source data from Synthetic Aperture Radar Interferometry technology, DSM data are generated and Orri. Steroplotting performed using Summit Evolution software with computer technology that supports 3D display.

LiDAR Data Acquisition and Processing
Light Detection & Ranging. An object detection method from distance that utilizes laser pulse to find the distance or other information. Distance is determined by measuring the time interval between transmission of a pulse and detection of the emitted signal. In its application in the field of mapping, aircraft used for the recording process.

2D and 3D mapping
2D mapping can be done using medium format aerial photographs. Tapping the information on the aerial photo depicted 2 dimension (X & And) in the form of a line, polygon and point using mapping software.
3D mapping can be done by using a large format aerial photographs, LIDAR data, data IfSAR, and data from other radar sensors. Tapping information from these data sources are described in 3 dimension (X, And, & The) in the form of a line, polygon and the point of using software that supports the work 3 dimension.

Detailed information can be obtained
Detailed information available at the earth's surface can be obtained and presented in the form of maps 2 dimension or map 3 dimension. With so, object detail required and the size of the object can be mapped accurately.

Decision Making and Policy Determination
In one case, decision-making needs to be done quickly related geospatial needs. With the help of imagery or aerial photographs, speed in policy decisions can be made with uptodate, exactly, effective, detail and fast.

GIS Data Acquisition
Work mapping with satellite imagery and aerial photographs is one way to obtain data for Geographic Information Systems.

The accuracy obtained with Cost Effective
With the integration surface surveys and aerial surveys of quality, will yield map accuracy and high measurement results.

Products for Different Disciplines
Product mapping with satellite imagery and aerial photographs are used by different disciplines in activities related to land or surface of the earth. Utilization of which is to:

  1. preliminary survey
  2. feasibility study
  3. plan
  4. construction
  5. management
  6. monitoring and maintenance

Adding Profit & Effectiveness Job
In the application of methods of mapping using satellite imagery and aerial photographs, losses due to the high cost of direct measurement in the field and the length of time required to be depressed. Increased corporate profits and the time spent can be diverted to other important activities.