3D Laser Scanner

Arpindo Faro Fokus 3D New

3D Laser Scanning. A method used to bridge between the physical and digital assets assets using a tool called the FARO 3D Laser Scanner Focus3D X 330. The most efficient way, a very affordable price and high accuracy in capturing an object. Utilizing laser class no. 1 and measurement speed reaches 976.000 point / sec for scanning objects that are difficult to access.
Powered by FARO 3D Laser Scanner and human resources professionals, qualified and experienced, detail oriented, accuracy, quality and timely, job recording 3-dimensional documentation can be organized by PT. ARPINDO SEJAHTERA.
With this tool, scanning of large objects and distant, monitoring changes in shape, asset management, volume calculation, and quality control can be done. The data is made the, can be used to memantu specific tasks in the field of construction or civil, architecture, mining, industry, archaeological and heritage sites.

rumah_sampingSurvey and construction sites in the industry relies heavily on reliable data, fast and accurate. Information and spatial references are very important in this phase of the process of survey and construction projects. FARO Laser Scanner Focus3D X 330 with integrated GPS and the ability to record both indoor and outdoor objects.
The application of this tool on the object scanning surveys are great and far, supervision to meet the needs of the project, monitoring changes in shape that can save time and efficiency in the construction phase, volume calculation in large quantities and quality control.
Architecture, BIM, and Civil Engineering
With Focus3D, FARO provide efficient documentation tools, rapid, smooth and precise about the current status of a building. With a weight of only 5 kg, Focus3D Laser Scanner is ideal for mobility at construction site. This tool can record basic excavation, frame buildings and the overall condition of the building in 3D, rapid and cost-effectiveness.
FARO Laser Scanner application is in the field of architecture, BIM and Civil Engineering is monitoring framework and building components in 3-dimensional form before the final report, structural analysis and building maintenance, monitoring space will dikoncersi or extension, deformations control, and optimization of space by using three-dimensional models.

Archaeological and Heritage Sites
Restoration, scientific analysis, pengamankan protected building and for the virtual presentation of heritage sites is one of the goals used tool FARO Laser Scanner. This tool offers 3D documentation of heritage sites and complete the excavation site, exactly, efficient and detailed.
Applications FARO Laser Scanner is rebuilding, restoration and protection of heritage sites or archaeological material inventory.

Asset and Facilities Management
rumah_depan3D building data offer valuable assistance from the technical facility management to property management. FARO Focus3D provide 3-dimensional documentation of complete and precise than the status of the building to the building site and building assets such as electrical components, machines and pipe work.
With FARO Focus3D required data can be obtained very easily. Recording this data can be used for building management, collision detection for retrofits, which is supported by CAD modeling and documentation tasks other plant designs.
The application of this tool in the field of asset management and facilities are documentation required by the facility manager, planning structural changes in the 3D model, and re-planning of technical modifications.

Inspection and Engineering Engineering
Particularly in the case of large components or forms sangat complex, conventional measuring devices have limitations. With Focus3D, forms a large and very complex can be appropriately captured, examined and reengineered.
FARO Focus3D application form copies of data products and components that do not exist in the construction plans and / or CAD data available, documentation of complex interior fittings such as ship, car or plane in 3D CAD for conversion planning, documentation of the status of the manufacture of complex machined components and quality control.

Process Industries and Digital Factory
Technical plants such as refineries, power plants and production sites is a complex structure and require 3D CAD data is precise and accurate for change, improve or expand. Powered by FARO Focus3D required data can be captured easily, precise and complete.
3D data of current conditions can be used as a basis for planning for the conversion or extension, facilities management and maintenance, training and supervision of the location is the application of FARO Focus3D in the industrial sector and the digital factory.

3D Laser Scanning is used in the field of naval engineering to assist the assembly, repair and retrofit. To ensure the accuracy of, is necessary to perform measurements at each stage of production continuously.
FARO Focus3D applications in the field of 3D laser scanning shipibuilding is to ensure the hull and other components can be digitized when the original image is missing or inaccurate (old ship), measuring the limited space in the engine room and ship repair.

Law Enforcement and Forensic
Focus3D is the ideal tool for rapid 3D recording, complete and accurate a crime, scene of accident, damage insurance or passive test car security. Throughout the relevant details in a crime or accident reconstruction can then be covered.
FARO Focus3D applications in the field of law enforcement and forensic crime scene investigation and analysis, rekostruksi bullet path, investigation and analysis of accidents, fire investigation and vehicle safety.